Dancers and musicians Gary Nelson and Rebecca Holbrook are Hot Rock Hollow Productions, and it's their goal to promote and present innovative experiences in music and dance.  Their current project, The 5th Saturday Dinner Concert Series, intends to delight us with modern influences on traditional music. Join in and enjoy!

Old-Time Fusion

Traditional Appalachian fiddle music has found its way out of the hollows and into the embrace of musicians with a varied background in classical, jazz and world music. “Old-Time” music has its roots in English, Irish and Scottish tunes brought over with the immigrants and has been the background for our modern day square and contra dances. Contra dancing uses some of the same moves as square dancing but with two opposing lines rather than squares, much like the Virginia Reel we learned in elementary school.

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This fusion of old and modern instrumentation has resulted in a genre of eclectic and exciting music that can be appreciated by dancers and non-dancers alike. Bands who travel the country playing for dances may include a saxophone, keyboards, conga drums, electric base or any instruments imaginable.

Nils Fredland of the band Elixer is the dance caller as well as a trombonist who joins in as he gets the dancers going on their own. Add to this driving and energetic dance music the hauntingly sweet waltzes from such artists as Larry Unger of Notorious and
Roger Gold of Steamshovel. Influences from French Canadian, Celtic and Cajun styles weave their way into the music of some bands as well. Aside from being known as contra dance bands, these musicians write and perform other types of music in concert and on their CDs.