Cocks of the North
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Hailing from Bloomington, Indiana, one of the epicenters of traditional American music in the United States, the Cocks of the North is anchored by Claudio Buchwald on piano. To his right stands Eric Schedler on accordion. Occasionally the two of them switch, with Buchwald going over to his fiddle, and Schedler the 88. Sam Bartlett plays an intricate and propulsive tenor banjo that electrifies musical arrangements and ignites the groove. Though they don’t look that old, the band members combined have 80 years of dance playing experience!

While the Cocks are a dance band, they love nothing more than to entertain a sitting audience with medleys of tunes from Celtic lands, seductive piano compositions, musical humor, and outrageous stunts. This is Vaudeville and dance hall rolled into one. Not to be missed.