STEAMSHOVEL – January 30, 2010
Steamshovel, made up of Roger Gold (Guitar, foot drum) and David White (fiddle and banjo) is indeed a dynamic duo in the contra dance world. Roger is well known as one of the finest guitar players on the contra dance circuit, supplying a wonderful combination of intricate melodies, powerful rhythms and big bass sounds, often at the same time! While he has played mostly with fiddlers of the Celtic/New England style in many other bands (Elftones, Land of Sky, Skytones, Goosebone Prophets, Tribal Tune Twisters, and more) Roger has found a powerful rhythmic accomplice in David White. David’s selections of unique old time tunes – from driving to groovy and ‘flowey’ – as well as several tunes he has created for banjo and fiddle, present a great diversity of tunes for dancing and for Roger to play off of. Having played together for 4 years now, their synergy is obvious, and the style that has emerged from this union continues to evolve. They love playing together and inspiring dancers w/ their music. Steamshovel has played regularly at venues in the Carolinas, Tennessee and Georgia, (Atlanta, Sautee, Jonesboro, Chapel Hill, Greensboro, Winston Salem, Charlotte, Charleston, River Falls, Asheville- Gray Eagle/Old Farmers Ball, Columbia and more), recently led the Sunday dance music at the Splash Dance Weekend 09 in Black Mt., NC, played at the Contrathon III (Glendale Springs, NC near Boone) and play regularly for weddings and other special dance and non-dance events. They are currently working on their first CD.

More on Roger and David:
Roger Gold grew up surrounded by music. His parents and older sister all sing and play various instruments. He knew at the age of six that he wanted to play guitar and persisted until his parents found a teacher. His interests took his guitar playing from the ever present folk, through electric teen-age-rock, to traditional, Celtic, and more. He likes to "play" with the music; turning waltzes to klezmer, Bach into swing, and doing even stranger things to the tunes he writes. Roger's guitar styles range from classical to hard driving, rhythmic, contra dance music.
Currently living in Pickens, SC, David White has been playing stringed instruments for almost 30 years.  Only in the last 2 decades he became rather consumed by contra dancing and the music that drives it. David fell in love with traditional Appalachian old time music – especially that played by bands and musicians that create driving rhythms. That passionate driving style is evident when David plays guitar, claw hammer banjo or fiddle. The fact that David has always loved contra dancing has helped him become a master of creating great dance energy from old time tunes and melodies. He loves to sing as well. David has played in several bands in the past (Reedy River Rhythm Rockers, Corn Bread Heads, Cloudlanders) and more recently the Carolina Tunecroppers, the Shifty Tweeds, Carolina Coal Rollers and the Inexplicabillies. His habit of ‘gyrating’ while playing the fiddle while wearing his Dad’s old tweed hat earned him the nickname ‘the Shifty Tweed.’