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As a traditional Irish band, Jim Prendergast, Bill Verdier and Jeff Taylor are unique in that their repertoire bridges the two distinct strains in Irish Traditional music - the songs (ballads, lively pub songs, story songs, sentimental favorites) and the dazzling instrumental music (the jigs, reels, hornpipes,…). 

Jim Prendergast is a talented musician and teacher of many styles of music, and he brings his love of Celtic music (the roots of old-time and bluegrass) to the guitar, tenor banjo, bouzouki, mandola and mandolin.

Fiddler Bill Verdier, classically trained in violin at an early age, was later introduced to the “other” violin - the fiddle - and its folk, swing and rock styles.  After developing an affinity for Celtic music, he began playing mandolin and guitar, as well as fiddle, in and around the New York City area, eventually finding his way to Nashville.

Jeff Taylor is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist who has directed and played in many music and theater projects. He works with a number of recording artists such as Elvis Costello, Amy Grant, Buddy Greene and The Time Jumpers. His featured instruments are accordion, piano, mandolin, penny whistles, trumpet, guitar and bouzouki.