WILDCAT – July 31, 2010
The musicians who compose WildCat and Screech Owl Serenade are three of the most talented, experienced and well-known in contra dance lines today.  With Karen Delgado Gaughan on keyboards, Nic Coker playing guitar and banjo and Laurie Fisher with her fiddle and guitar, an audience will enjoy a delightful ride that could run from classic golden-era country to hip-twisting swing to driving contra.
Screech Own Serenade
As Screech Owl Serenade, Laurie and Nic have a unique and eloquent country-swing style.  Their performances conjure the essence of the likes of Bob Wills, Hank Williams, Hoagy Carmichael, Patsy Cline, and Django Reinhardt.  And, audiences can’t help but pay attention to the duo’s diversity as they jump into a few of their hot-paced fiddle tunes.
Add Karen, and WildCat purrs with rhythm and yowls with musical excitement - a driving combination, this trio, which will take you ‘round the block and bring you back wanting more.  With their experience in arranging perfect dance “moments”, caller, dance and music connect the dancers in an incredible “Oneness”.
Multi-talented Laurie Fisher has been entertaining dancers and inspiring musicians full-time for the past 17 years.  She can fiddle, play piano and guitar, sing, call dances, teach and enthuse with the best of them. The very thriving Asheville (NC) contra dance scene has been passionately influenced by her bands and music over the past 25 years.  She is regionally well-known as the fiddler for The String Beings, an Asheville contra dance band whose success has traveled them from Boston to Florida, California to Michigan, and even Texas.

Karen Delgado Gaughan, Asheville's most in-demand contra dance piano side-girl, has been playing for dances for over 20 years, traveling from Alabama to New Jersey; she knows all the tricks of the contra dance keyboard - creating rhythm, generating excitement, inciting tension - and has even invented some of them herself.  Karen has played in an amazing variety of bands and for numerous dance weekends as well.
Currently residing in Asheville, NC also, Nic grew up in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, AL; starting with guitar, bass, and percussion, the 5-string banjo has been his major passion/obsession for the past 5 years. Nic enjoys playing and blending many styles of music, and he loves to sing, especially in duet harmony.  These days, he can be found playing guitar and banjo at contra dances and bluegrass or swing gigs around the Western North Carolina region…and beyond!