FOOTLOOSE – September 18, 2010

Picture 101
FootLoose is a fun, creative and high energy band with Pete Campbell on piano, David DiGiuseppe on accordion, and David Coe on fiddle. Performing for New England-style contra dances and in concert, FootLoose has become a highly respected and sought after band, playing at numerous festivals and week-long dance camps throughout the United States.

In concert, FootLoose combines a technical mastery of their instruments with a passion for their playing. Infusing new life into past traditions, their repertoire of both songs and instrumental pieces draws from many sources, including tunes of the Celtic cultures, the old time sounds of the American South, swing musettes of Paris, and sophisticated Brazilian choros. FootLoose members bring to the stage a fire in their fingers and a love for their art.

As a dance band, the FootLoose sound draws upon Celtic, Quebecois, southern old time, jazz and classical music influences. Although the primary purpose of FootLoose is to rock the socks off of contra dancers, the band also performs English country dance, tango, waltz, hambo, schottische, zwiefacher, and Scottish dance music.